Azərbaycan Gənclərinin
İctimai Yardım Assosiasiyası
(MAGİYA) ictimai birliyi
Public Support Association
of Youth of Azerbaijan
(EPSAYA) public union
“Maarifçilik amalımızdır!”                                                                                                                         “Enlightenment is our aim!”
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A public action was held for the local residents against the COVID-19 disease in Astara


November 15, 2022 year EPSAYA public union was held a public action with the support of the Astara region Youth and Sports Department within the framework of the project called “Promotion of a healthy lifestyle among the young people and the population through the youth in the fight against COVID-19 disease” in Astara city. 3 volunteer young people aged 18-29 from Astara region were selected, instructions on how to behave during the pandemic were prepared for them and they were provided with necessary hygienic means (disinfectant alcohol) and medical supplies (masks) within the framework of the project, which includes the promotion of a healthy lifestyle among the population in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The young people who have been instructed and provided with necessary materials distributed 650 booklets, 100 medical masks and 25 disinfectant alcohols as well as informing the population in public places in Astara region. In the end, 3 young people volunteering in the project were awarded by the public union with relevant certificates. It should be noted that the project is implemented with the 5826,40 (five thousand eight hundred and twenty-six manats and forty kopecks) manats financial support of the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Azerbaijan Republic. The aim of the project is to inform the young people and the society through the youth in the fight against COVID-19 disease, to provide them with the necessary hygienic means and medical supplies, as well as educational materials and to promote a healthy lifestyle widely in public places. The term of the project is 3 months and covers the dates of September 12 - December 12, 2022.




What are the main problems of the youth of the region?
Weak participation in the process of networking and organizing
Lack of information and internet access
Unemployment or low level of income
Ä°neffective organization of leisure
Have a weak attention by the local and international organizations

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