Azərbaycan Gənclərinin
İctimai Yardım Assosiasiyası
(MAGİYA) ictimai birliyi
Public Support Association
of Youth of Azerbaijan
(EPSAYA) public union
“Maarifçilik amalımızdır!”                                                                                                                         “Enlightenment is our aim!”
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 Institution history

“Education” Public Support Association of Youth of Azerbaijan (EPSAYA) public union was established on March 31, 2005 in Lankaran with the initiative of common interests for the purposes of combining local educated youth as a non-political, voluntary, self-governing and non-governmental organization.

The public union was registered by the Department of the State Registration of Juridical Persons of the Ministry of Justice on May 31, 2005 (Register № 1105-Q4-1733).

Sphere of activity of the public union covers the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Since the establishment of the public union as the first youth organization in the southern region of the republic, we have worked closely in cooperation with different governmental (Lankaran city Youth and Sport Department, Lankaran Employment Centre, Lankaran Regional HIV/AIDS Diagnostic Laboratory and etc.), non-governmental (Red Crescent Society, the Regional Office in Lankaran etc.) and other agencies (Lankaran municipality, the Southern Regional Television etc.) to implement a lot of joint projects successfully.

EPSAYA public union has also very close relationship both with the local newspapers, (“Southern News” “Time Azerbaijan” etc.) and the influential international media like Voice of America and BBC which have repeatedly valued our social activities. A.A.Malikov, the co-founder of the public union, was on a business trip to London, England on March 12-15 in 2008 by the invitation of BBC according to his work with enlightening people in the field of HIV/AIDS in the region.

Since 2005 EPSAYA public union has been an active member of the “National Assembly of Youth Organizations of the Azerbaijan Republic”, since 2006 “NGO Alliance for Children’s Rights”, and since 2009 “NGO Coalition Against Human trafficking”.




What are the main problems of the youth of the region?
Weak participation in the process of networking and organizing
Lack of information and internet access
Unemployment or low level of income
Ä°neffective organization of leisure
Have a weak attention by the local and international organizations

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