Azərbaycan Gənclərinin
İctimai Yardım Assosiasiyası
(MAGİYA) ictimai birliyi
Public Support Association
of Youth of Azerbaijan
(EPSAYA) public union
“Maarifçilik amalımızdır!”                                                                                                                         “Enlightenment is our aim!”
Our donors
eeas.europa.eu www.statoil.com www.savethechildren.org www.usaid.gov www.ndi.org www.azerbaijan.usembassy.org www.iom.az www.mys.gov.az youthfoundation.az cssn.gov.az undef.org epfound.org government.nl
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reliablefuture.org mitost.org www.ayu-az.org
Name of event “Risks of vulgar tradition in happy families”, Theoretical-practical conference (panel discussions)
Place Lankaran city
Date October 01 – December 30, 2021
Name of event “Promotion of a healthy lifestyle in the fight against COVID-19”, Social action
Place Lankaran, Jalilabad, Masalli and Astara regions
Date August 05 – November 05, 2020
Name of event “Enlightenment of youth on the topic of human rights and promotion of national-moral values among them”, Theoretical and practical conference
Place Lankaran city
Date September 01 – December 01, 2019
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What are the main problems of the youth of the region?
Weak participation in the process of networking and organizing
Lack of information and internet access
Unemployment or low level of income
Ä°neffective organization of leisure
Have a weak attention by the local and international organizations

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