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The new project on family values was implemented for the country young people in the South region


November 06-08, 2021 year EPSAYA public union implemented 3-day theoretical-practical conference (panel discussions) in frame of “Risks of vulgar tradition in happy families” with the financial support (8000 manat) of the Youth Foundation of the Azerbaijan Republic for the 25 young participants from the 11 regions (Astara, Baku, Gadabay, Ganja, Gabala, Lankaran, Neftchala, Samukh, Sumgayit, Tovuz, Zardab) of Azerbaijan in “Lux Lankaran” Hotel, Lankaran city. 11 boys and 14 girls have participated in the theoretical-practical conference. It should be noted that before the theoretical-practical conference 98 young applicants (46 boys and 52 girls) from 37 different regions of Azerbaijan (Agjabadi, Agsu, Astara, Baku, Balakan, Beylagan, Barda, Bilasuvar, Jabrayil, Jalilabad, Fuzuli, Gadabay, Ganja, Goychay, Khachmaz, Imishli, Gakh, Gazakh, Gabala, Lachin, Lankaran, Masalli, Mingachevir, Naftalan, Nakhchivan, Neftchala, Oguz, Saatli, Salyan, Samukh, Sumgayit, Shirvan, Tovuz, Ujar, Yardimli, Zagatala, Zardab) have applied to the organization for the participation in the event. Besides the staff of the organization Mr. Ramin Rahimov, the chief of Lankaran city Youth and Sport Department, resident of Havzova village of Lankaran region - 77-year-old heroic mother Shahrud Shabanova of 11 children (6 sons and 5 daughters, including 20 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren) and Mr. Zaur Osmanov, the representative of the Youth Foundation of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the guest sort, and Mr. Ziya Ismayilov, the head of Jalilabad Regional Centre of the Ombudsman Apparatus in the expert sort have participated in the theoretical-practical conference, shared their knowledge and experiences with the youth and answered the questions of the participants. During the theoretical-practical conference the staff and the participants discussed a lot of themes in the field of family values, morality and ethics – “Rich national and moral values and traditions of the Azerbaijani people: multiculturalism and multiethocy, National and moral values and modernity in Azerbaijan: national family values during globalization and modernization, Classical and modern family values in Azerbaijan: Let us change or protect?, Existing statistics of marriages and divorces, Vulgar traditions (inappropriate parental interference with loving youth and young families, manners that have lost their relevance, traditions that promote divorce) and their social risks, Ethics norms: features, types and patterns, Moral qualities – interpersonal relationships and reality, Case/principles of ethics and freedom in the legal state, Gender equality in protecting family values – “Happy family model”, The rules of ethical conduct, Ethics and gender: socially moral behavior, Preparation of a package of relevant proposals to prevent the collapse of new married people or young families for sending to relevant agencies”. During the theoretical-practical conference the staff used different methods like presentations, brain storming, focus group discussions, interactive group works, debates and energizers, as well as watching to the different social videos related to the topics throughout the entire session. At the end of the theoretical-practical conference certificates and relevant presentations have been presented to all participants. In the end the participants and the staff, as well as the guests and the experts gave their views on the project and thanked to the donor – the Youth Foundation of the Azerbaijan Republic for implementing such kind of actual project for the youth. It should be noted that the project’s goal has consisted of providing countrywide enlightenment and awareness of young people, especially young families starting a new family in the direction of protection from the risks of vulgar tradition (inappropriate parental interference with loving youth and young families, manners that have lost their relevance, traditions that promote divorce) in the field of promotion of family values, moral and ethical norms in Azerbaijan.




What are the main problems of the youth of the region?
Weak participation in the process of networking and organizing
Lack of information and internet access
Unemployment or low level of income
Ä°neffective organization of leisure
Have a weak attention by the local and international organizations

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