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One more national project was implemented for the young people from various national minorities, small nations and ethnic groups in Lankaran


October 18-20, 2019 year EPSAYA public union implemented the 3-day theoretical-practical conference (panel discussions and infotours) in frame of “Enlightenment of youth on the topic of human rights and promotion of national-moral values among them” with the financial support (7500 AZN) of the Youth Foundation of the Azerbaijan Republic for the 25 young participants from the 14 regions (Baku, Jabrayil, Jalilabad, Ganja, Lerik, Lankaran, Masalli, Nakhchivan, Sumgayit, Shamkir, Shusha, Yevlakh, Zagatala, Zardab) of Azerbaijan in the “Lux Lankaran” Hotel, Lankaran city. 12 boys and 13 girls from various national minorities, small nations and ethnic groups (Jews, udins, khinaligs, tats, lezgins, talyshs, germans and avars) have participated in the theoretical-practical conference. It should be noted that before the theoretical-practical conference 64 young applicants (38 boys and 26 girls) from 27 different regions of Azerbaijan (Aghdam, Baku, Balakan, Barda, Jabrayil, Jalilabad, Ganja, Ismayilli, Gakh, Gabala, Lerik, Lankaran, Masalli, Naftalan, Nakhchivan, Saatli, Sabirabad, Samukh, Sumgait, Shamkir, Shusha, Tovuz, Ujar, Yardimli, Yevlakh, Zagatala, Zardab) have applied to the organization for the participation in the theoretical-practical conference. Besides the staff of the organization Mr. Yalchin Ahmadov, the head of Lankaran city Youth and Sport Department in the guest sort, and Mr. Ziya Ismayilov, the head of Jalilabad Regional Centre of the Ombudsman Apparatus in the expert sort have participated in the theoretical-practical conference, shared his knowledge and experiences with the youth and answered the questions of the participants. During the theoretical-practical conference the staff and the participants discussed a lot of themes in the field of multiculturalism and tolerance – “Fundamental human rights, national minorities, small nations and ethnic groups living in Azerbaijan, their lifestyle, languages, religions, traditions, cultural centers, media and internet resources”. During the theoretical-practical conference the staff used different methods such as interactive methods, presentations, brainstorming, debate, focus group discussions, interactive groupwork, energizers, mutual exchange of ideas with participants and professionals as well as watching to the different social videos related to the topics throughout the entire session. In addition, infotours (on Lankaran region – visit to Lankaran History and Ethnography Museum named after M.A.Aliyev, acquaintance with the matting in Zovla village, pottery in Separadi village and production of bamboo products in Talish village, meeting with the folklore and dance ensemble in the name of “Grandmothers” in Separadi village; on Lerik region – visit to the Lerik region Longevity Museum, the only long-lived museum in the world; on Astara region – visit to the Astara Region History and Ethnography Museum, visit to the XIX century Lam and the Burning Spring Complex in Archivan settlement, visit to Astara Seaside Park-Boulevard Complex) have been organized to Lerik and Astara regions including Lankaran and the Facebook page of the public union called “https://www.facebook.com/Etno-Az%C9%99rbaycan-374029680132568/” was presented for the participants. During the event, participants were also given detailed information about “FUEN - the Federal Union of European Nationalities (https://www.fuen.org)” and the close cooperation between EPSAYA public union and FUEN. At the end of the theoretical-practical conference certificates and corresponding materials (relevant presentations and social videos) in the field of national minorities, small and ethnic groups have been presented to all participants. In the end of the event all participants, the staff and the guests gave their views on the project and thanked to the donor – the Youth Foundation of the Azerbaijan Republic for implementing such kind of actual and useful project for the youth. It should be noted that the purpose of the 3-month project, which covers September 01 – December 01, 2019, is to organize enlightenment and awareness of youth from national minorities, small nations and ethnic groups living in Azerbaijan in the field of promotion of human rights and national-moral values on a country scale, to get closely acquainted with their lifestyle, language, religion, traditions, culture centers, media and internet resources, to explore and promote the model of multiculturalism and tolerance in our republic.




What are the main problems of the youth of the region?
Weak participation in the process of networking and organizing
Lack of information and internet access
Unemployment or low level of income
İneffective organization of leisure
Have a weak attention by the local and international organizations

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